Where do i keep my tampons when im at school?

Answer Buy the tampon pearls or another brand of the compact ones. You can tuck them in the side of your sock if you wear hightops.Or, better, you can bring a light sweater or light jacket with you and ... Read More »

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Tampons at school!!!?

When you have a tampon in, you shouldn't even known its there. If it starts to get uncomfortable, its probably because its full.You can pee with them in because the pee comes out a different hole a... Read More »

How to Sneak Pads or Tampons Into the School Bathroom (or Any Bathroom)?

When you are on your period, carrying pads or tampons around can feel embarrassing. Keeping your time of the month hidden from other people can be tricky, but with these tips you can learn how to k... Read More »

About Tampons?

Tampons are the most popular form of menstrual flow control for women and girls in the United States. They are absorbent cylinders that are inserted into the vagina, and are usually made from a com... Read More »

How to Get Your Mom to Let You Use Tampons?

So you've been getting your period for a while, or have just gotten it and think that pads are the most uncomfortable things in the world. You'll probably prefer using tampons. The only thing is-wi... Read More »