Where do i install the motherboard speaker?

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How to Install a Motherboard?

Learning how to install a motherboard is your first stop in learning how to install computer components. The motherboard is attached one way or another to every device in your computer.You will not... Read More »

Can i install a new motherboard in my hp desktop?

The motherboard is considered the most important piece of a computer's hardware. The motherboard must match up to the rest of the components in order to install it correctly. While motherboards can... Read More »

Does the motherboard need a CPU to install windows?

Your computer must have a central processing unit (CPU) to install or operate any version of Windows. The same is true for any other operating system or software. CPUs are the brain of the computer... Read More »

How to Install a Motherboard BIOS?

The BIOS chip on your motherboard dictates how the motherboard interacts with some of its components and what order it uses to boot up the operating system. If you remove an old BIOS, you must inst... Read More »