Where do i get pictures like this for my theme ?

Answer Has noting to do with flash. Here you go:…I'm gonna animate mine so it has ripples in it like real water.Ron

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How to show captions under pictures on tumblr theme?

The '{block:PermalinkPage}' and '{/block:PermalinkPage}' statements that surround the '{block:Caption} {Caption} {/block:Caption}' sequence cause the caption to be shown only on the permalink page.... Read More »

Does anyone remember that show from ABC family that had the husband named Bill and the theme song showed pictures of them through the years with the fridge magnets moving?

What is the theme of your bathroom,If you dont have a theme what are the colors?

My bathroom doesn't have a theme-it's all white!

Problem with viewing pictures in internet explorer and Outlook. I got Red X instead of the pictures. Any idea?

go to internet settings and change your security settings