Where do i get pictures like this for my theme ?

Answer Has noting to do with flash. Here you go:…I'm gonna animate mine so it has ripples in it like real water.Ron

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How to edit my pictures like this?

try phtoshope or Allustratorfor me is AI (AllustratorCS5)they can do everything like editing a ugly face LOL....joke :(

How to get hair like this(PICTURES)?

Taking prenatal pills will help with hair growth. I heard even eating jello.don't use kool aid..,default,pd.html?cgid=Hair05the curls that the gi... Read More »

Do you think i should get my lip pierced like this (pictures)?

yah cute the way yah are but i like 2nd choice

Why does me eye look like this (pictures inside)?

I think you burst a capillary which is quite common and should resolve within a few weeks