Where do i get past w2 forms?

Answer W-2 forms up to one decade old are available from the IRS. The interested party must fill out form 4506 and pay $57 (as of 2010), according to the IRS website. Alternately, a taxpayer can get the i... Read More »

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How to Find Past W2 Forms?

If you have ever had a job, you have probably received a W-2. For most jobs, your employer gives you a W-2 once a year so that you can report your income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Th... Read More »

What forms does a minor need in Arizona if they want to get married and have parental consent and where do you get these forms?

Answer The county clerk at the court house can provide you the form(s). The required consent is probably on the actual application for a marriage licence. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must... Read More »

What does it mean if you've been spotting brown and red for the past week and the spots got bigger as the days past?

From www.medsafe.govt : "Chloramphenicol enters the foetal circulation, and if given to the mother shortly before parturition, may cause the gray baby syndrome, with cyanosis and hypothermia, owin... Read More »

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