Where do i find the HM Surf in the Pokemon Yellow game?

Answer HM 03 (Surf) is found in the Fuchsia City Safari Zone. Pay the fee at the gate, go through the main entrance into Area 1 and take the path on your right. In the next area, weave your way to the nor... Read More »

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How to Get Surf on Pokemon Red Version?

In the original "Pokemon: Red Version," released on the Game Boy platform, you need Surf (also known as Hidden Machine 03) to beat the game. This hidden machine can teach a compatible Pokemon to su... Read More »

How to Get the HM Surf in "Pokemon Pearl" Version?

In the "Pokemon" video games, Hidden Machines (HMs) are items that teach your Pokemon specific moves. Unlike ordinary moves, HM techniques can help you overcome obstacles during your travels. For e... Read More »

How to Find Birth Island on Pokemon Emerald Game Boy?

Capturing the legendary Pokemon known as Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald on the Game Boy Advance can only be accomplished by visiting Birth Island. Traveling to this island requires the Aurora Ticket, a ... Read More »

How Do I Teach a Gyarados to Surf in "Pokemon FireRed"?

"Surf" is a special move in "Pokémon: FireRed" that can either be used to swim across oceans or in battle to do damage to enemies. This move can only be taught to certain Pokémon who are able to ... Read More »