Where do i find scanned images in my folders once i've scanned them?

Answer hold the scan button down until you see the computer respond. you must watch the screen. you can choose where to save it when you close the viewer which will open after the scan. to make it easi... Read More »

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Why are my scanned slides turning out black and white when scanned in color?

You don't say which software you're using to do this. I'm thinking that maybe your software is set to black & white by default and this is causing the slides to come in only showing in monochrome. ... Read More »

Why does this streak appear on my scanned images?

How to edit scanned images?

Use Adobe Photoshop...It will make your image Clean...Then save for web option and save it desktop then upload it...

Where in The Computer Do Scanned Images Go?

Look in pictures folder there should be a folder there called scans