Where do cuckoos find all of those abandoned clocks?

Answer A better question is where do all those abandoned clocks meet up with those cuckoos in Yahoo's R&S section.

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Where can I find a USB cable for an HP printer. Fry's and those big stores are expensive.?

I paid $1 for mine at dollartree and it works ok.

Does any one know where I can find one of those data cables for my cellphone and how much do they cost?

The cost prolly depends on what kinda cell phone you have. I got a BOOST, and Motorola makes all of BOOST/NEXTEL phones, so the all the phones' external jacks are designed to work with the same cha... Read More »

Why Can I find those Microwavable Turkey Burgers?

Have I done the right thing by removing the block on those who in the past seemed to find it amusing ...?

It's entirely up to you Joan. If you feel that you're leaving yourself open to abuse or unwarranted nastiness, then it's probably best to leave people blocked (yes I know I was blocked from answer... Read More »