Where do i find "my computer" in start-up,and or menu?

Answer If you click on start than it should be towards the top of the left column. Once you see it you right click on it and 'properties' should be at the very bottom of the drop down list. Once you click... Read More »

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How come you have to go to the "Start" menu to shut down your computer?

Because they didn't make an "End" menu...

How to Access Your Computer's Programs on Windows Without Using the Start Menu?

If your computer won't let you access all programs through the start menu, here's how to access them otherwise.

Can it damage your computer to switch off the power instead of shutting down via the start menu?

If you cut the power to the computer, it can't finish writing its cached data to the disk (to speed things up, when it's busy the computer holds some stuff that should be written on disk in memory ... Read More »

How Do I Move the Taskbar & the Start Menu on My Computer to the Bottom of the Page?

The Windows Start menu and taskbar have a bad habit of appearing in places other than the bottom of the page. This is not due to a glitch or software malfunction; it is due to human error. It's eas... Read More »