Where do i download Mac Video Codecs?

Answer From here…if you dont want to download codecs use vlc player which uses its own codecs to render video fileshttp://www... Read More »

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How do I download& save codecs?

Determine exactly which codec you need to play a specific file type. You've likely received an error message when attempting to play a movie or music file that reads something similar to "X codec n... Read More »

Where can i download mp4 codecs for Windows Vista?

Windows Media Player for Windows Vista and other Windows-brand operating systems should update mp4 codecs automatically. However, if necessary, the latest codec package can be downloaded from Micro... Read More »

If i download blu-ray codecs does that mean i can watch blu-ray quality films on my pc?

Sorry to say, but no. To oversimplify, most Hollywood Blu-ray titles contain various forms of copy protection, meaning that you'll need a software player capible of unlocking the content to view t... Read More »

Which video codecs should I use; Xvid or H264?

Just download and install the latest K-Lite Codec Pack that is available. Better to have them all than not have the one you need..