Where do i cancel unused credit cards?

Answer An 800 number for the credit company that issued your card is printed on the back of each credit card. You must call this number and speak to a representative to close your account. If there is a b... Read More »

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Is it Better for a Credit Score to Close Unused Cards?

It is better for a borrower's credit score to leave all credit card lines open. Closing a credit card decreases a borrower's credit history and limits the amount of available credit to the borrower... Read More »

Should I Cancel Credit Cards That I Don't Use?

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Is it bad to cancel credit cards?

On One Hand: It Can Lower Your Credit ScoreCanceling credit cards reduces the available credit to you as a consumer. It also reduces the length of your open credit history. Both of these items can ... Read More »

Should I Cancel Paid-Off Credit Cards?

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