Where do i can buy dvds with low price and good quality?

Answer Here you go luck.

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If you use DVDs on HD TV will it be as good quality as blu-ray?

No, the quality will not be as good. While the up scaling will improve the picture and give more detail to it. Blu-Ray discs hold more data on the disc allowing more information which can be displa... Read More »

How efficient is DVI to HDMI convertor What is its price and what is the price of good quality HDMI cables?

efficiency is irrelevant. It is digital. It will either work or it won't. sells $3 adapters to convert dvi to hdmi. Then just use an hdmi cable. They also sell a cable that goes dvi->... Read More »

Where can I buy a good quality/price sofa in London,please?

You should have a look at the selection in Ikea.

Wanna buy a tv with good quality and a cheapest price one?

I suppose you are talking in rupees. At that price you might at best get a 22". An AOC or Benq perhaps. I would suggest you check out LG. I belive they would have a decent, reliable 22" at a reason... Read More »