How do u get rid of hick ups?

Answer IT'S SPELLED HICCUPS. There is really no cure.

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How do you get rid of the hick ups?

Lean over and drink from the opposite side of the glass - I know it sounds wierd, but it has worked everyy time for me.

I cant get rid of the hick ups and its starting to hurt my stomache please help me?

I always lay down a 100 $ bill and tell my patients if they can hiccup for me four more times they can have the 100$ bill. Havent lost a 100$ yet.

You found out that you are 3cm dilated and are experience more braxton hick contractions and a lot of pelvic pain are you going to go into labour soon?

Answer You are already in the first stages of labor. It could become hard labor in a matter of minutes or days. Keep a close eye on things and get to the clinic or hospital (or call your doctor ... Read More »