Where do groundhogs live?

Answer Groundhogs live in open fields, open woods, valleys and plains.Groundhogs usually live in the open country side, ie. farm fields is best to view. They will invade small town and city residential ar... Read More »

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My daughter who is adopted by my mom and step dad live in AZ where I live my daughter wants to live with us what age can she choose to live with us?

If she is legally adopted, her 'parents' have custody of her, and as minor, she may not live with you, if she doesn't have constent of her legal caregivers. If she lives with you before she's at le... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Groundhogs?

Groundhogs can turn months of hard work in your garden into a mess of half-eaten vegetables. This article will teach you how to get rid of those nasty garden pests.

How to Repel Groundhogs?

Groundhogs, also known as woodchucks, are pests that quickly destroy a garden and cause damage to a lawn with their extensive burrows. Deterring them from entering your property in the first place ... Read More »

Do groundhogs eat wood fences?

Woodchucks (Marmota monax), also called groundhogs and whistle pigs, eat vegetables, grasses and legumes. Woodchucks may gnaw on wooden fences, but they will not eat them. Install electric fences t... Read More »