Where do frogs live in the winter?

Answer Some frogs hibernate underneath the ice at the bottom of lakes and ponds during winter, while others spend the winter hibernating below leaf litter in the woods or by burrowing deeply into mud on t... Read More »

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How Do Frogs Live in the Winter?

Many of the frog species found around the world live in areas that become extremely cold during the winter, and some of these areas fall below freezing temperatures for long periods of time. Frogs ... Read More »

Where do frogs go in the winter?

Interesting question AA!Frogs migrate from their shallow summer breeding ponds to deeper lakes/water where they spend the winter.A frog also has a natural anti-freeze component in its bloodstream.

Do frogs live in the sea?

Frogs do not live in the sea. According to the Guide to the Mangroves of Singapore website, most frog species cannot tolerate high salinity levels. One of the only frogs that can tolerate salty con... Read More »

Frogs That Live in the Swamps?

According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, there are 29 families of frog species in the order Anura. Anura is the scientific name that represents frogs and toads, and out of these 29, te... Read More »