Where do formated files go ?

Answer The location of all the files on a hard disk is stored in a table at the start of the harddiskWhen you do a "quick format" all that happens is the references to the files are deleted. The files are... Read More »

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Formated 32GB pen drive only holds 4GB?

Fix:1. Click start > Type 'cmd' > right click > run as administrator2. Type 'DISKPART' and press enter.3. Type 'list disk' and see which number is the USB (look at capacity).4. Type 'select disk 0'... Read More »

I had formated C drive of my PC after that no Window is install ?

Don't ever format the C drive. By doing this you lose everything including the BIOS. You will need to reinstall the BIOS before anything will work.

You formated your memory card and all the pictures are gone can you get them back?

That is way to small of an sd card for that type or camera. You will probably be able to take only a few pictures. Try to at least get a 256mb sd card, that will hold a lot more pictures.

How do you recover photos from formated memory card?

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