Where do flying foxes live?

Answer Flying foxes, or fruit bats, are found in Australia, Indonesia, Africa and Asia. They are attracted to tropical and subtropical areas and are commonly the only mammals found on oceanic islands.Sour... Read More »

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How many foxes live in the tundra?

The exact number of Arctic foxes in the wild is unknown. However, estimates propose several thousand foxes live in the tundra, according to "Blue Plant Biomes." Female Arctic foxes birth large litt... Read More »

Homemade Live Traps for Foxes?

A homemade trap can catch a fox alive and is more humane than using a snare or poison allowing you to transport and release the animal in a forest or other suitable habitat. Two traps you can build... Read More »

How long do flying ants live for?

Sounds to me like you've come across a colony of large red (Or red-black, or black) ants. Each one is about half as long as a dime if this is what you're talking about.These large ants have a mati... Read More »

Where do flying squirrels live in the Amazon rainforest?

Flying squirrels are not native to the Amazon rainforest. The only flying squirrel species that are native to the Americas reside in North and Central America. The two flying squirrel genera in Ame... Read More »