Where do eucalyptus trees live?

Answer Over 600 species of eucalyptus trees exist in their native habitat of Australia, specifically Tasmania and southeastern Australia. According to Auburn University "eucalyptus is one of the primary t... Read More »

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Where do eucalyptus trees grow?

Eucalyptus trees were originally found in Southeastern Australia and Tasmania. They grow best in tropical areas, along coasts and in swamps. Eucalyptus trees grow in Australia, Brazil, South Africa... Read More »

How do I plant eucalyptus trees?

Timing and Site SelectionPlant your eucalyptus in mid-spring so that it has time to establish and grow before winter. Eucalyptus trees are warm weather-loving trees, and will suffer in cold weather... Read More »

Eucalyptus Trees in Louisiana?

Native to Australia and Tasmania, most eucalyptus trees grow in dry, cool climates, but some can tolerate the diverse climates of central and northern Louisiana, where the climate is wetter, more s... Read More »

Habitat for Eucalyptus Trees?

A koala nestled in a tree and munching on leaves may be the scene in your mind when you think of a eucalyptus tree. While eucalyptus trees are native to Australia and a favorite food source for koa... Read More »