They have dogs see 4 blind, detect low blood sugars, seizures, etc. When will they make 1 that can clean house?

Answer I had one that cleaned up potato chip crumbs for me.

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What can I feed my dogs when they are sick?

Whenever dogs are sick, it is important to feed them nutritional food---depending upon their illness. Since sickness can often cause a loss of appetite in animals, feeding can sometimes be difficul... Read More »

Is it true that when someone is drunk they are more honest than they are when they are not drunk?

Just b/c they may be being more honest doesn't mean they should be saying everything that comes out of their mouths. Sometimes it's better to leave certain things unsaid. I know this b/c I've had s... Read More »

Where does a bug go when they die?

lol they probably go to hell for being so f*****g annoying and gross.

Where do hairstylists go when they dye?

Not sure, but you can bet they go out in style.(ooh that was bad.)