Where do purple diamonds come from?

Answer Purple and violet diamonds are mined in Western Australia at the Argyle volcanic pipe in the East Kimberly region. The Argyle diamond mine is responsible for providing over 20 million carats of dia... Read More »

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Where do black diamonds come from?

Black diamonds are found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Although they are found on Earth, scientists believe these diamonds may have originated in outer space. Scientist Stephen Hagger... Read More »

Where do colored diamonds come from?

Colored diamonds form alongside colorless diamonds and come from mines around the world. Major diamond exporters include Canada, Brazil, Angola, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Australia. Color in d... Read More »

Before 1720, where did most diamonds come from?

Before 1720, most diamonds came from India, and diamonds were once a form of Indian currency. In 1720, large diamond deposits were discovered in South America. Diamond deposits were later found in ... Read More »

What part of the earth do diamonds come from?

Australia is currently the largest diamond producer in the world. However, the gems are also mined in India, Russia, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia and several countries in Africa, including ... Read More »