Where do daddy longlegs spiders live?

Answer Daddy longlegs spiders, or Pholcidae, are often found in dark, secluded spaces such as sheds, basements, closets and attics, according to the University of Michigan. The University of Kentucky adds... Read More »

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In what type of habitat do daddy longlegs live?

Daddy longlegs, also referred to as Harvestmen, are a group of arachnids related to spiders. Daddy longlegs live in a number of habitats, including forests and open fields. In human dwellings, dadd... Read More »

Do daddy longlegs eat leaves?

Daddy longlegs, also called harvestmen, are an arachnid but not a true spider. Besides physical features, their diet differs from true spiders. Harvestmen eat other spiders, insects and decaying de... Read More »

Is a daddy longlegs venomous?

There are two different kinds of spider commonly identified as daddy longlegs, one the order Opiliones and the other the family Pholcidae. Of these two, the proper daddy longlegs (Opiliones), which... Read More »

Is a daddy-longlegs venomous?

The name "daddy-longlegs" is used for two different animals: the daddy-longlegs spider, a long-legged spider in the Pholcidae family, and a creature that is related to the spider, commonly called a... Read More »