Where do chile peppers come from?

Answer Chili peppers are grown in a range of locales around the world, primarily in Asia, North America and South America. Chili peppers originated in North and South America, according to a 2007 article ... Read More »

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Do chili peppers come from the country Chile?

According to First Science, chili peppers are originally from North and South America--including Chile--but are now grown all over the world. The name of the country of Chile actually has nothing t... Read More »

How are chile peppers grown?

Spicy chile peppers grow on delicate pepper plants that prefer warm climates. Countless varieties of chile pepper plants produce peppers ranging from mild to extremely hot. Many chefs enjoy using s... Read More »

Can you make chile rellenos with bell peppers?

Above answer is correct! You also need a different kind of pepper--long and skinny kind with dark green skin. With your ingredients, I'd sautee chunked up bell peppers with some chopped onions an... Read More »

Apple seeds come from apples. orange seeds come from oranges, where does grass seed come from?

If you lived in the valley I live in you wouldn't need to ask. Grass seed comes from grass.Before grass goes to see, it pollinates, and your allergic neighbor (or you, if you're unlucky) can't go o... Read More »