Where do catholics worship?

Answer Catholics attend weekly Mass, located in a parish, or church. Mass reflects teachings from the Bible as well as the bread and wine rituals first implemented by Jesus during the Last Supper. Catholi... Read More »

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Why do catholics worship mary?

Catholics do not worship Mary, but honor her because she was the mother of Jesus. It is also believed that Mary led a life free of sin, making her someone who was very pure who could not be touched... Read More »

How to Set up a Worship Set?

This "How To" will explain how to set up a worship set that is both easy to play, and allows others to worship as well. This is for worship leaders.The dots next to the steps determines how importa... Read More »

How to Worship a Goddess?

Do you want to worship a divine goddess? Maybe you like to believe in spiritual beautiful women or maybe you're just tired of today's religions. Well stay tuned and read ahead for this article shal... Read More »

How to Worship God the Shahreem Way?

Shahreem is a VERY diverse religion that has beliefs from many different religions. They worship God (Allah) how muslims, Caodais, & Buddhists would. So worshiping him would and will be a very easy... Read More »