Where do cars go after they are repossessed?

Answer Repossession of vehicles is an increasingly common occurrence. Repossession of property is defined as a lending institution taking possession of the collateral with which a loan is secured when the... Read More »

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How many cars are repossessed each year?

The number of cars repossessed each year varies depending on the economy and whether people are able to keep up with their payments. According to Karen Aho in an MSN Money article, there were 1.5 m... Read More »

How does a couple that has one car each insure their cars and can they still drive each other's cars during visits when they live in separate states?

Answer Just get insured with one of the bigger companies, like Allstate, Farmers, Progressive, Geico. As long as you are both listed, what car you drive and where should not matter. Your rate may ... Read More »

Where do they place children after they have been abused?

in either a foster home with another family or a home with hired caretakers

When Will My Car Be Repossessed After Bankruptcy?

If you don't pay your auto loan, filing for bankruptcy protection won't prevent your lender from repossessing the car. Bankruptcy can't wipe out the lien your lender has on your vehicle. Even if y... Read More »