Where do cardiologists commonly work?

Answer Cardiologists can choose to work directly with patients in single or group private practices, as well as in hospitals and military facilities. They may also do clinical research for drug companies... Read More »

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How long do noninvasive cardiologists work in a week?

Noninvasive cardiologists, also known as cardiovascular technologists or cardiovascular technicians, typically maintain a 40-hour workweek. This often includes working on weekends, and can vary sig... Read More »

Where is kyanite commonly found?

The blue, sometimes gray or green crystals of kyanite (aluminum silicate) form in metamorphic rocks where the precursor sedimentary rocks had a high clay content. Kyanite deposits in the United Sta... Read More »

Where is the peridot commonly found?

Although peridot gemstones were originally mined in parts of Egypt, the gorgeous peridots mined in the 21st century likely come from Pakistan, thanks to the discovery of large amounts of the stone ... Read More »

Where do butterflies commonly live?

Butterflies live in warm, sunny, pesticide-free areas. They look for flat-topped clusters of flowers that feed larva and adult butterflies, warm rocks with crevices to rest in, and wet sand to drin... Read More »