Where do cardiologists commonly work?

Answer Cardiologists can choose to work directly with patients in single or group private practices, as well as in hospitals and military facilities. They may also do clinical research for drug companies... Read More »

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How long do noninvasive cardiologists work in a week?

Noninvasive cardiologists, also known as cardiovascular technologists or cardiovascular technicians, typically maintain a 40-hour workweek. This often includes working on weekends, and can vary sig... Read More »

What do cardiologists do?

Cardiologists are physicians with special training and skills in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Their training is among the most demanding of an... Read More »

Top 10 Cardiologists?

Cardiologists specialize in the function, disorders and structure of the human heart. They often deal with specific heart-related disorders, such as coronary artery disease, congestive heart failur... Read More »

How much do cardiologists make?

According to, the salary of a cardiologist varies by city. As of March 2010, those in New York average $71,216 to $252,103 a year. Cardiologists in Miami make $70,986 to $209,609 annua... Read More »