Where do butterflies commonly live?

Answer Butterflies live in warm, sunny, pesticide-free areas. They look for flat-topped clusters of flowers that feed larva and adult butterflies, warm rocks with crevices to rest in, and wet sand to drin... Read More »

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Where do butterflies live?

According to, butterflies live all over the world except in Antarctica or extremely hot deserts. states the reason for their absence in these areas is not jus... Read More »

Where do Galapagos butterflies live?

There are several species of Galapagos butterflies, including the Galápagos silver fritillary and Galapagos sulphur butterfly. These species live on the Galapagos Islands, located in the Pacific O... Read More »

Where do morpho butterflies live?

The blue morpho, one of the largest and most colorful butterflies in the world, lives in the rain forests of Central and South America. The blue morpho's wings gain their brilliant iridescent color... Read More »

Where do monarch butterflies live?

The monarch butterfly's habitat covers almost all of North America, except for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. It is also found in South America and has been established in Australia and Hawaii.S... Read More »