Where do black diamonds come from?

Answer Black diamonds are found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Although they are found on Earth, scientists believe these diamonds may have originated in outer space. Scientist Stephen Hagger... Read More »

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Are black diamonds&black onyx the same stone?

Black diamonds and black onyx are two very different stones. Black diamonds are a form of diamond called Carbonado that actually has formed in stellar supernovae explosions. Onyx (and black onyx) i... Read More »

Where are black diamonds mined?

Black diamonds aren't mined. Scientists believe they came from a meteorite that struck the Earth billions of years ago in regions of Brazil and the Central African Republic. They drew this conclusi... Read More »

Are black diamonds real?

On One Hand: They Are a Diamond, and They Are RealBlack diamonds are real diamonds. For the truest black diamond, they are a diamond that has many inclusions, most of these inclusions being graphit... Read More »

How much are black diamonds worth?

As of November 2009, a single carat black diamond is worth, on average, $809 to $1,155, while a five carat black diamond is worth $21,263 to $30,375.Source:Black Diamond Prices