Where do bell peppers originate?

Answer Bell peppers come from the Americas. They were introduced to the whole world when the Columbian exchange was happening.

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Jalapeno peppers taste just like bell peppers?

It can happen depending on where they were grown and the soil conditions, I had the same issue with store bought jalapeno's and the long chinese green hot peppers, one year on my balcony I tried to... Read More »

How to Prepare Green Bell Peppers?

If you want to make a green bell pepper (a.k.a capsicums) salad or cook up a hot bell pepper pizza, you need to know how to prepare green bell peppers. In this article, you will learn how to wash, ... Read More »

How should i germinate bell peppers.?

Dry the seeds in a cool dry place. Save them in paper envelopes, or some other breathable container.Growing seeds from a pepper plant may or may not get the same peppers that you took them out of.... Read More »

How much water do bell peppers need?

Bell pepper plants should be kept damp with a light watering each morning; water two to three times a day on extremely hot days. Allowing the soil to dry out may lower the plant's resistance to pes... Read More »