Where do banded birds in ms come from?

Answer Bird banding is a tool used to study all types of wild birds, which are marked with a uniquely numbered band on the leg to record where and when the bird was banded and its physical characteristics... Read More »

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How to Do a Banded Dutch on a Poodle?

A banded dutch is a very old groom you don't see to often anymore on a poodle and every groomer has his or her own way of doing it depending on the dog and size.

How to Identify Black & Red Banded Snakes?

In the United States, a great many people are deathly afraid of snakes. To them, it doesn't matter what colors they are, they just want to get as far away as fast as possible. Others, however, keep... Read More »

Does the blue banded bee live near the Caboolture River?

The 45-kilometer long Caboolture River in Australia runs into Deception Bay, which is a part of the Murray-Darling basin. The blue banded bee is known to exist in the Murray-Darling basin along the... Read More »

How long do desert banded geckos live?

A subspecies of the Western banded gecko (Coleonyx variegates), the desert banded gecko (Coleonyx variegates variegates) is indigenous to southern California and Nevada, and western Arizona. These ... Read More »