Where do avocado trees typically grow and can they Grow in Vt?

Answer avocado trees are subtropical, they like warm weather with no harsh winters (no snow or frost) and have a shalow root system 'cos they are used to light rain fall every fe days. they are also very ... Read More »

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Where do avocado trees grow?

According to the U.S. Master Gardener website, avocado trees thrive in USDA growing zones nine and ten. This area includes the southern two thirds of Florida, as well as parts of south Texas, south... Read More »

How to Grow Hass Avocado Trees?

The Hass avocado is named for Rudolph Hass, who planted the first one in his orchard in the 1920s, and is famous all over the world. Every Hass avocado tree is descended from one tree, which died i... Read More »

Why cant I grow a lawn under my Avocado trees?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Grass / sun-lite has nothing to do with it. The Avocado needs it's natural leaf drop as a mulch. They surface root and it's their own natural mulch is the best for t... Read More »

How do I grow avocado trees indoors?

StartingPierce the bottom of an avocado seed with a toothpick three or four times. Fill a vase or jar halfway with water. Suspend the seed over the water so that the bottom half of the seed is subm... Read More »