Where do ash trees grow?

Answer Ash trees, which are used to make such items as baseball bats and cabinets, can grow in Europe, North America, Asia and northern Africa. Different species are common to each region, but all fall wi... Read More »

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Where do avocado trees typically grow and can they Grow in Vt?

avocado trees are subtropical, they like warm weather with no harsh winters (no snow or frost) and have a shalow root system 'cos they are used to light rain fall every fe days. they are also very ... Read More »

Where do oak trees grow?

Oaks are one of the most common tree and shrub varieties that can be found throughout most of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Worldwide, there are more than 300 varieties and several hundred... Read More »

Where do magnolia trees grow?

Magnolia trees grow in the eastern United States and in southeastern Asia. Many species of magnolias have big and showy flowers. Southern magnolia trees can get up to 80 feet tall.Source:The United... Read More »

Where do boxelder trees grow?

The boxelder is a species of maple tree that grows in waste places, near streams and in valleys with other hardwood species. The geographic range of boxelder extends from southern Alberta in Canada... Read More »