Where do artificial fertilisers come from?

Answer Artificial fertilisers are produced by industrial process.

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Are artificial fertilisers good for the environment?

NObecause it can cause alge in water which kills the fish underneathAlso, artificial fertilizers do nothing to improve the health of the soil, so they will have to be regularly reapplied. It is bet... Read More »

Why there is a need for fertilisers in modern day farming?

You must return to the soil the nutrients that the previous crop removed.

What is artificial ice?

Artificial ice can refer to ice that has been mechanically frozen, or to truly synthetic ice.Artifical Ice RinksMechanically frozen ice rinks date back to 1876, with the Glaciarium. Freezing of the... Read More »

Uses of Artificial Radiation?

Radiation is a naturally occurring phenomenon. However, advancements in technology have allowed people to harness it. As a result, artificial radiation plays a role in fields such as cosmetics, med... Read More »