Where do animals get their rights?

Answer Sorry it took me so long to reply, but I kept thinking about this question over and over again, and I couldn’t really think of any good answers. I have nothing profound to offer. I am along the... Read More »

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What are the rights of parents that have signed over their parental rights?

Answer no rights Answer none until the child is older and the parent can explain the reasons for giving up parental rights and then it is up to the child to make a decision to have a relationship... Read More »

What was the name of a 90's live-action toy animals children's programme where the toys where anthropomorphic animals that included a tiger who were forbidden to explore the house?

Kimchi ya it's kimchi i have no friken idea what kimchi means but basicly he looks like a fart cloud that never went out the window

What rights do parents have to visit their adult son who is brain dead and in the care of their daughter-in-law?

By law the wife has the right to set presidence over visitation rights to your adult son who is brain dread. However, it would be cruel of her not to let you see your son anytime you so choose. It ... Read More »

How many years must a parent be absent in their child's life to have their parental rights terminated?

Answer There are no set time limits for such action.Several states do have laws that relate to the time period in which a parent can be charged with abandonment of a child, abandonment being defin... Read More »