I know almonds are good for you but I don't like the taste of plain unsalted almonds. What can I add to them?

Answer I like to slice them (reccomended brand is mariani), roast them and put em in vanilla yougurt with divided clememtines. Its really tasty and good for you and makes an awesome breakfast or lunch.

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Do almonds contains fat ?

Yes my ruler, Balaji, all nuts contain fats and quite a lot of fat but it's healthy fats in nuts and one should eat some nuts...20 nuts or 20 nut halves a day if they are bigger nuts such as walnut... Read More »

How did jordan almonds get their name?

Jordan almonds are candy-coated almonds popular as wedding favors. Their name comes from the French word "jardin", which means "garden", and the Middle English word "almande", from which we get our... Read More »

How to Blanch Almonds?

Blanching almonds is the method required for making such items as marzipan; put simply, the process of blanching means to remove the skins from the almonds.

How to Grow Almonds?

Almonds grow inside the inedible fruit of an almond tree. They are related to peaches and plums; their composition and growth is much like that of a peach pit. There are 2 kinds of almonds: sweet a... Read More »