Apple seeds come from apples. orange seeds come from oranges, where does grass seed come from?

Answer If you lived in the valley I live in you wouldn't need to ask. Grass seed comes from grass.Before grass goes to see, it pollinates, and your allergic neighbor (or you, if you're unlucky) can't go o... Read More »

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I know almonds are good for you but I don't like the taste of plain unsalted almonds. What can I add to them?

I like to slice them (reccomended brand is mariani), roast them and put em in vanilla yougurt with divided clememtines. Its really tasty and good for you and makes an awesome breakfast or lunch.

Where did giving almonds as a wedding favor originate?

The tradition of giving almonds as a wedding favor originated in the Middle East more than 1,000 years ago. Bridal couples gave their guests five candy-coated almonds to represent fertility, health... Read More »

How to Remove Skin From Almonds?

Almonds are encased in a hard shell that must be removed to get to the nut inside. The cream-colored nuts are oval in shape and are covered by a thin brown skin. Some recipes call for skinless almo... Read More »

Where does rani from Sarah Jane adventure come from?