Where do lost socks go?

Answer Many locales worldwide have a certain kind of space-time vortex. They require a fuel source to function, and one of these sources just happens to be socks. However, once the vortex has used one ... Read More »

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The average vacuum cleaner sucks up 53 socks every year how many socks is this to the nearest ten?

Differences Between Flight Socks & Support Socks?

If you are a frequent flyer, a pilot, a flight attendant or a passenger taking a long flight, you may want to invest in flight socks. If you have frequent aching feet and legs, leg soreness, legs t... Read More »

Where do all of the missing socks go?

I swear to God the dryer eats them, I didn't realize it until I washed a whole load of just socks and half of them went missing.

Where do all the spair socks go?

Small items can get caught between the drum and the inner parts of the washing machine, When your machine gives up the ghost, rip it open and all will be revealed !BTW - what's a "Spair"....