Where do I start to make computer programs?

Answer Cool! Just so you know, Mac OS X applications and OS X applications (iPhone) are programmed in Objective-C, probably the hardest programming language.Now considering you were "confused" with it, I'... Read More »

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How Do I Check Start Up Programs on a Computer?

Click "Start." If you are using Windows XP, click "Run," and then type "msconfig" and hit "Enter." If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, type "msconfig" in the search window and click on the search ... Read More »

How do I change what Programs start up when I boot up my computer?

go to RUNType "msconfig" Go to "start up" tabselect programs.Also, look into the services tab to decide which services will run at start up. These generally run under the process name "svchost" ak... Read More »

How to Access Your Computer's Programs on Windows Without Using the Start Menu?

If your computer won't let you access all programs through the start menu, here's how to access them otherwise.

I don't want all my programs to load when I start my computer... How do I change those settings?

go to start then Run:type in the word msconfig and click okon the top tab at right that says startup, click that.then check the things you want to run and uncheck the ones you Read More »