Where do I send my written grant proposal?

Answer You are putting the horse wayyyy before the cart. First, you find a grant you want to apply for and THEN do the necessary paperwork. If you are wanting to apply for a grant to go to college, you... Read More »

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How to Write a Grant Proposal?

Contrary to what the emails that fill your inbox and the guy in the funny suit on late night TV may say, true grants are very difficult to find. But finding the right grant is only the first step i... Read More »

What should you do before writing for a grant proposal?

On One Hand: Planning the ProposalBefore you can sit down to write a grant proposal, you must assess the need that exists in your community and how you plan to deliver an answer to that need, accor... Read More »

How to Train for Grant Proposal Writing?

Grant writers are responsible for crafting persuasive grant proposals. These proposals can help secure funds for all kinds of organizations. However, it can take years to master the art of grant pr... Read More »

How to Write a School Grant Proposal?

A school grant proposal communicates project objectives and goals and requests funding to fulfill needs. Proposals convince grant funders. Writing a grant proposal requires attention to detail and ... Read More »