Where do I put the spot on a pool table?

Answer You can place a spot on a pool table at either the head spot or the foot spot, or both. The foot spot is at the center of the foot string, which stretches across the table at the second sight along... Read More »

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Where should you place the dots on pool table felt?

Whether you're building your own pool table or refinishing the felt surface of an old one, it's important that everything is set up correctly. Once the side diamonds are aligned, finding the correc... Read More »

How to Get a White Spot Out of a Wood Table?

When the finish on your tabletop develops a white stain, it can be annoying, but in most cases it isn't a serious problem. The stain may be the result of moisture or standing water, or someone may ... Read More »

How do you remove rust spot from an above ground pool?

Answer I used an SOS pad with warm water and they came off with no problem at all. Good Luck

My mom bought me an end table for my living room. Where can I find a good deal on a start table?

Took me three times readin your question before I finally got it.Good oneYou really scammed that quick-answer guy yeah, check craigslist LOL