Where do I plug in the camera to my computer?

Answer Use the USB cable supplied with your digital camera to plug the camera into your computer. Insert the USB (slender rectangle) end into a USB port on your computer tower or laptop. The smaller end o... Read More »

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How to plug my new camera into my computer?

If you bought it new, then it should have come with a USB cable and a software CD. First load the software, and then connect your camera to PC using the USB cable (these cables have one narrow end... Read More »

Where in the computer do you plug your flip video camera in?

Your flip camera has a USB plug on the "flip" part. If you can't figure this out, then take it back to the shop & ask them for a film camera as you may be better qualified to use that one.

If you plug in you flip video camera into your computer will it charge?

In most cases when you attach any electronic device to your computer using a USB cable, it IS so that it can charge. In many other cases you will be able to do more with this connection, such as tr... Read More »

Can you still print if you plug a network cable to a computer and plug it to the printer with no internet?

Yes. If you don't have a router you might have to manually set IP addresses for the computer and printer. You can use a USB cable if the printer has a USB port, unless you want to share it with oth... Read More »