Where do I plant basil?

Answer On One Hand: Sunny Garden EdgesBasil is a plant that loves the sun, so ensure that the garden area you plant it in is completely sunny. Basil is a versatile plant that works in vegetable gardens, h... Read More »

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How do you plant basil?

Buy some seeds and put them into a pot with soil. Keep it humid. The plants will start growing after about 10 days. When you want to plant small basil-plants, take care, that they do get enough sun... Read More »

How do I pinch a basil plant?

Pinch back basil to produce a fuller plant and larger harvest. With thumb and forefinger, pinch the top of the basil plant at the desired height on the stalk just above a set of leaves. When two ne... Read More »

How do I cut basil plant leaves?

Snip a few leaves off of the basil--an herb belonging to the mint family--at any time. Doing so will not damage the plant. If you need the stems so that you can dry the leaves for future use, cut t... Read More »

Why Is My Basil Plant Dying?

Home gardens often include varieties of basil for their versatility, taste and ease of growth. Basil is a hardy, drought tolerant herb that is susceptible to fungal and bacterial pathogens. Additio... Read More »