Where do I pin the boutonniere?

Answer The boutonniere is a small flower pinned to a man's jacket. The boutonniere should be placed on the left lapel, about 4 inches from the wearer's shoulder. It should be placed at a slight angle, fol... Read More »

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How to Pin on a Boutonniere?

You're all set and ready to go to the dance. Your date's just arriving. You have the flower and pin in hand. Now, how do you put it on again? Here's the lowdown on this particularly delicate issue,... Read More »

What side does a boutonniere go on?

The boutonniere traditionally goes on the left side of a man's suit coat lapel. Angle it slightly outward and about 4 inches down from the shoulder. The pin is inserted and attached to the lapel at... Read More »

How much does a boutonniere cost?

On One Hand: Simple DesignsBoutonnieres are generally priced based on the flowers used and the nature of the design. More expensive flowers and more complicated designs will cost more. For a simple... Read More »

How to Make a Boutonniere?

Ever wonder why those corsages and boutonnieres cost so much in the shop? Ever wish you could simply make your own and bypass the cost of paying someone else to assemble your flowers for you? Here ... Read More »