Where do I ground my static mat?

Answer You need to attach your anti-static mat to some type of metal surface so that the static charge can be grounded properly. A metal table leg or metal shelving works well. You will also have to wear ... Read More »

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How to Remove Static Electricity from Freshly Ground Coffee?

Does your freshly ground coffee 'fly all over the place' and mess up your otherwise orderly kitchen (or increase the mess in your already messy kitchen)?

How can you repair the ground after removing a small above-ground pool The ground is now black and brown and smells rancid?

Remove Above Ground Pool Damage It sounds like mold. I suggest you wash it off good with the hose and let it sit. It will go away by itself. Anything underneath of the pool is probably dead, so us... Read More »

How can you ground a porcelain light fixture with no ground screw and not mounted in a metal box or do you even have to if not what do you do with ground wire?

Answer Porcelain "keyless" fixtures do not have any designated ground screw, so, assuming there's a supply point "box" already in the ceiling or wall where the light is to be fixed, if there's more... Read More »

I always see static where ever i look?

Some people can see the aura's of other people. They train themselves to do this. Its just that somehow you picked up on it, concentrated on it and trained yourself into seeing it.