Where do I get a toner from to add in a photocopier, and how do I do it?

Answer toners the ink in the machine, you would have to find the right type of container, to check the manual for the machine for the ink container number, then go to a general supply store and buy one. t... Read More »

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How to Recycle Photocopier Toner Cartridges?

If not properly disposed of, photocopier toner cartridges can be a threat to the environment. Photocopier toner cartridges are made with a polymer that has a very slow rate of decomposition. In fac... Read More »

How can I get the same quality printed images from my scanner as I can from a colour photocopier?

Are you comparing the image file from the scanner to a paper photocopy? You may never be pleased with the results, even if you used all of the color management tools available in Photoshop and your... Read More »

How do you fool a toner sensor on canon copier toner 104?

Why would you want to fool it. The sensor has a mechanical purpose in the copier, it tells you when you need to replace the toner.

Why do I get "Low Toner" message after installing a new toner cartridge?

I suspect that the toner cartridge, being a non-OEM cartridge, was either a remanufactured cartridge and not reset correctly when done or the printer is not recognizing it correctly. You might try ... Read More »