Where do I get a national credit score in the U.K.?

Answer According to the website of the British newspaper The Guardian, a viable way of getting your credit score in the U.K. is through the online company Experian. Experian will give you a free online cr... Read More »

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Where can i get a student loan for $5t if my credit score is 660 but i have only had credit for the past 2 yrs?

Have you tried Stafford loans ?And you should be good to go to get a student loan.Good luck !

Where is my credit score on my credit report?

Each credit bureau has its own credit score that individuals must purchase. Although the location of that score depends entirely on the hard-copy credit report publishing policies of the credit bur... Read More »

What is a good credit score on a credit score scale?

On One Hand: Over 700 on the FICO ScaleThe FICO credit scoring scale runs from 300 to 850, with higher scores signifying a more credit-worthy individual. A score of 700 or higher signifies that you... Read More »

Where can i calculate&obtain my credit score?

Managing your credit--and your credit score--is an important part of your overall financial health. Equifax, Trans Union and Experian are the three credit-reporting companies, and many online compa... Read More »