Where do I find the calculator on my PC?

Answer If you have Windows XP click Start and go to All Programs, then click on Accessories and it's on that drop down list. You can make the caculator basic or scientific by changing the options on the ... Read More »

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How to Find Percent on a Calculator?

A percentage is a mathematical term that gives you the proportion between two numbers. It is always expressed in hundredths. Many calculators feature percentage keys that allow you to solve equatio... Read More »

How to Find a Cosine on a Calculator?

Using cosine on a calculator saves a lot of time compared to looking it up in a table, which people did before calculators. Cosine comes from a part of mathematics called trigonometry, which deals ... Read More »

How to Find Circumference on a Calculator?

The circumference is the length measurement around a circle, and it is one of the measurements that relates to the size of that circle. Calculation of the circumference depends on pi, a math consta... Read More »

How to Find a Distance Calculator?

Distance calculators are tools used to determine the length of space between two points on the same dimensional plane. These calculators automate mathematical functions based on input variables and... Read More »