Where do I find my Temporary files on Windows 7 and Google Chrome?

Answer click the Start (microsoft) icon and type in temp. It will come up.for the temp, type in cache

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Can Windows Explorer temporary files be deleted?

You can usually delete any temporary files that you find in Windows Explorer safely. To be sure that a file is safe to delete, move it to a different folder and wait a week. If you experience no st... Read More »

Where are temporary flv files from flash stored in Windows XP?

Temporary flv files made from flash videos are located with other temporary files created when you surf the web. In Windows XP, the files are located in "My Computer > 'C' Drive > Documents and Set... Read More »

How do I find a Word file in the Temporary files?

It's definitely possible: provided it hasn't been overwritten, the data is still there on the card.There are a program out there that claim to be able to do it. Read More »

How to Find Deleted Temporary Office Files?

Temporary Office files are auto-saved files that contain works-in-progress for any of the Office utilities. These files are stored using the .tmp or .wbk extensions, signifying their status as temp... Read More »