Where do I find a company's tax ID number?

Answer According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, you can find any public company's employer identification number (EIN) on any of its filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S... Read More »

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Where do I find the serial number and model number of my stove?

The serial number and model number location on a stove will vary by manufacturer. However, there are six places to look that are very easy to find. The numbers can be under the right-side burner bo... Read More »

Where do I find my PUK number?

You can find your PUK (PIN Unlock Key) number by accessing your mobile service provider's online technical support or calling their customer service number to retrieve your PUK number. Do not attem... Read More »

Where can I find my NHS number?

An NHS number is assigned to infants born in Wales and England. Newly assigned numbers are 10 digits long and can be found on an assigned medical card or by contacting a previously-seen general pra... Read More »

Where to find an HMC serial number?

According to Unixwerk, your HMC will tell you its serial number once you input the appropriate command. A writer at IBM says that you can access the command line by first right-clicking on the HMC ... Read More »