Where do I confirm requests to tag my pictures - Facebook?

Answer It is suppose to be on the same page where you normally accept friend requests if it is not there open your notifications page there should also be a notification with a link and click on that. Hop... Read More »

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How Do You Confirm Facebook Relationships?

Facebook helps you share many details about your life with your family, friends and social groups. You aren't limited to sharing your photos, status updates, favorite music and political beliefs, ... Read More »

Do you get sick of all the requests on Facebook?

I get stupid "what's your stripper name" or "what color are you"Last time I checked I was neither a color nor a stripper. So yes, it's very annoying.

Cancel friend requests on facebook?

You can cancel the friend requests. Just follow1. Click (make sure you are logged into FB) Click on bulk load and follow the instructions3. Now cancel the... Read More »

How to Stop All Friend Requests on Facebook?

Getting friend requests from random people that you do not know? Or do you have enough Facebook friends, and you don't want anymore? This is the article to help.