How to Make a Blade Sheath from Plastic Straws?

Answer This article explains how to make a neat cover or blade sheath for pliers, scissors, or similar long and sharp objects that have blades in need of covering to prevent accidental poking or injury. T... Read More »

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How would you make a reverse blade Katana and sheath with torch and hammer?

Yes, only Goku and Gotenks (Goten + Trunks) achieved it. There is also a SS4 which Goku and Vegeta achieved. There is a fan illustration of Goku SS5 but there is no story to go with it.

How do i close a switch blade?

there should be a little locking tab thing on the back of the handle which you need to push in to close the knife. careful.

How to Make a Toy Switch Blade?

While it's not a good idea to give your child a real knife, a toy switchblade probably won't bring the authorities to your door. Switchblades, which were first manufactured in the 1700's, are bann... Read More »

Switch Blade Knife Laws?

Federal law defines a switchblade knife as one that automatically opens after pressing a button or other handle on the knife or through the use of gravity or inertia. These knives are frequently as... Read More »