After you delete something from your recycle bin, where does this information go?

Answer To delete files for good use something like this…It deletes the file and overwrites it. This will make it impossible for people to retrieve, even people li... Read More »

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How does 50-50 custody work and where can you find information about this?

Answer Please go onto: IN: Laws of sharing child custody in the State of ________________.Marcy

Is there any research on the effect of diets on narcissistic behavior and where can you find this information?

Answer I don't have any "research" other than watching my spouse for 25 yrs. He is an overeater, but "never eats outside our home." Unfortuantely, because of his refusal to accept his own behavio... Read More »

Where does the airspeed get the information from?

Where does Wikipedia get all it's information from?

people get it from other sources and site it. They do have people whose professions are writing articles for the site and revising other ones.