Where did wikipedia get it's name?

Answer A wiki is a collaborative hypertext database. The name is froma Hawaiian word. (Obviously, the "pedia" portion is from "encylopedia")

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Suggest user name for wikipedia?

Lifeless Loser 142Pompous GuardianArrogant Knowhole

Where can I buy wikipedia globe?

They're not for sale, Beny. I know because I spent around 4 years, and thousands of quid in travel costs looking for one too. In the end I made one myself out of an old tennis ball. All you have to... Read More »

What is the name of the font that is used to write articles on Wikipedia?

That is let up to your browser. All that is specified is that your browser should use a sans-serif type.

Is there a site that has a user name like wikipedia thats this(Vingo)?

Sure is, Vince. That's me. I'm called "Wikipedia thats this(Vingo)" on quite a number of sites. It's got a ring to it, hasn't it? And no, you can't have it, so shove off.